Machinery Transport

At Gunn Freight we specialise in the transport of agricultural and industrial machinery anywhere in Australia. We work with everyone from farmers to dealers to global equipment manufacturers and we have the flexibility to scale and tailor our service to meet any challenge. We can offer any trailer configuration to meet your needs, including:

  • Drop deck wideners
  • Drive thru B doubles
  • Road train combinations (double road trains/ AB double road trains)
  • B double and road train tippers

With our intelligent distribution control system we analyse every delivery to choose the most efficient and cost-effective route and transportation method. We offer clear, consistent pricing and customised invoicing and reporting to help our clients with budgeting and cost control. We communicate clearly on the location and delivery schedule of each consignment, so you can make reliable commitments and always meet the expectations of your customers.

Gunn Freight machinery transport customers can expect:

  • Reliable, cost-effective distribution of any type of agricultural or industrial equipment
  • Transport from and to anywhere in Australia
  • 24-hour online access to real-time data on the location of each consignment
  • Comprehensive insurance from pick-up to delivery

Contact us today on (03) 9374 2906 for full details of our service and a no-obligation quote.

Where We Go

With depots in Melbourne and Brisbane as well as storage facilities in Port Kembla and Perth, we can collect and deliver anywhere in Australia. We partner with a trusted network of reliable subcontractors to access and service even the most remote rural areas.

Our regular distribution routes cover:

  • The entire eastern seaboard
  • All parts of inland Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales
  • All parts of South Australia
  • All Major farming areas in Western Australia
  • Northern Territory (Alice Springs, Katherine, Darwin)


Contact us today on (03) 9374 2906 for full details of our services and a no-obligation quote.